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Post divorce, Emily Ratajkowski opens up about co-parenting son Sly with her best friend

The latest episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, High Low, is a delightful treat for enthusiasts who enjoyed her bestselling book, ‘My Body.’ In a conversation with Julia Fox, ‘EmRata’ delved into topics such as patriarchy, life post-divorce, the conventional relationship model, and more.

Reflecting on her postpartum experience, Emily confessed, “I thought I was going to be unintelligent forever.” She shared the challenges of finding the right words during the initial months after giving birth to her child, attributing it to the reality of “Mommy brain,” a sentiment echoed by Julia Fox based on her own postpartum journey.

Emily expressed her views on patriarchy, describing it as something that “absolutely sucks,” impacting not only women but men as well. Despite her empathy, she admitted feeling frustration about the situation.

Discussing her role as a single mom, Emily disclosed her co-parenting approach. Currently living with her best friend, they fully share parenting responsibilities for Sly (Sylvester Apollo Bear), a setup she cherishes. Emily emphasized the ease of spending time with another woman, highlighting the aligned instincts that reduce the need for constant communication, a contrast to the exhaustion she felt while co-parenting with a man.

When it comes to relationships, Emily stressed the importance of emotional support, expressing her belief that men often struggle to provide it. She shared her preference for an emotional partner rather than a traditional family structure, emphasizing the desire for daily affirmation and positivity.

Following her separation from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, the supermodel and author is presently residing in New York City with her son, Sylvester Apollo Bear.