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The lockdown has made me a hands-on dad: Actor Sourabh Raaj Jain

Sourabh Raaj Jain, a renowned television personality celebrated for his portrayal of Lord Krishna, enjoys a massive fan following evident from the love and adulation he receives on his Instagram page daily. Despite his fame, Sourabh is not only a dedicated actor but also a family man. During the lockdown, he found himself at home with his family, including his mother, wife Ridhima Jain, and their three-year-old twins, Hrishika and Hrishivh.

In a candid conversation with Express Parenting, Sourabh opened up about his lockdown experience, embracing the role of a hands-on dad. His daily routine now revolves around his kids, engaging in various activities such as bathing them, playing, and overseeing their exercise routines. When not on “dad-duty,” Sourabh takes solace in reading.

Expressing concerns shared by many parents, Sourabh revealed, “Like all parents, we were also scared of sending our kids out. Since the lockdown was announced, we haven’t taken them out. They have been home for the last five months, but as parents, we did everything in our capacity to keep them occupied with activities so they don’t feel bored. I think it has helped.”

Addressing the challenges of the uncertain times, both as an actor and a father, Sourabh highlighted the difficulty of adjusting to the prolonged period away from work and the added challenge of toilet-training his kids. Despite these hurdles, he expressed gratitude for his wife, Ridhima Jain, calling her a wonderful wife and mother.

Acknowledging the inevitability of losing temper, Sourabh shared that he and his wife handle it by taking turns. “Both of us lose our temper at times; it is only human, I suppose. But we don’t lose our temper together. Usually when one loses it, the other stays calm and vice-versa. She is the calm to my storm like I am to hers,” he remarked.

As for their twins, Hrishika and Hrishivh, Sourabh described their sibling dynamic as a mix of bonding and occasional fights, emphasizing that it’s a normal part of their relationship.